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7 Data Recovery is the internet's #1 unbiased and expert-backed resource about data recovery.
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    Empower everyday users with the necessary tools and knowledge to recover their data without having to seek technical help.
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    We produce high-quality how-to guides and software comparisons that feature the latest data recovery methods and utilities for Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android devices.
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    Most importantly, we aim to educate readers on the true complexity of correct data recovery so they can avoid bad advice that leads to permanent data loss. All of our content is verified by technical specialists who ensure that readers are given the best chances of recovery.
  • History

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    7 Data Recovery was launched in 2020 as a response to erroneous and controversial information about data recovery that circulated the internet. There was a need for a reliable source of guidance for data loss victims who aren't tech experts, so we gathered writers and technicians who worked together to cut through the noise.
    We started with a barebones site and only covered data recovery for Windows systems. The consistently high quality of our content attracted more and more readers, which allowed us to expand our scope to include data recovery on Mac systems and even mobile devices.
  • How We Ensure Content Integrity

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    Every article we release is verified by an assigned technical specialist who has demonstrated expertise in the devices and operating systems being featured. Our specialists are highly involved in the creative process and work back and forth with our writers until the publishing phase. They recreate various data loss scenarios on their own devices and personally test the methods and tools featured in our articles, as well as verify the logic of the advice being presented.
    We also purchase licenses for every single tool we evaluate so they can design accurate testing protocols for our product comparisons. This allows us to equip our readers with relevant, up-to-date, and, most importantly, correct information that drastically increases their chances of successfully recovering their data. We have posted a more extensive story about testing in How We Test Page
  • Our Team

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    Our website's greatest asset is our team. We are made up of highly skilled technical writers who have practical knowledge of the tech they write about (which they own and test themselves), as well as experienced technical specialists who fact-check the content, verify our logic, and conduct multivariable tests of the tools and solutions we write about.
    We have described in detail our work with content in our Editorial Guidelines

Quality Assurance Specialists

We work with technical experts who have verifiable experience as leaders or specialists in tech companies and organizations. They are in charge of making sure that our content is accurate and up-to-date. Most of them have been with us since we launched.
Yurii Kulynych avatar

Yurii Kulynych

Yurii Kulynych focuses on checking and editing articles from a technical standpoint on Macgasm. Yurii's journey with computers began at the age of 4, and he's been troubleshooting technical issues since he was just a kid. He even used to create websites back in the day. With a master's degree in computer engineering, Yurii has a strong educational foundation for his tech interests. He's not tied to just one type of technology. Yurii can smoothly use Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. He knows a lot about tech stuff like RAID and can even put together a NAS using just a virtual machine. Outside of the tech world, Yurii keeps things simple, enjoying walks, reading, and gaming in his spare time. An interesting tidbit about him is that he's completely wrecked a dozen hard drives over 10 years.
Yevgeniy Tolkunov avatar

Yevgeniy Tolkunov

Yevgeniy Tolkunov is an experienced professional specializing in data recovery and cybersecurity. With a background that includes roles at ACE Data Recovery and various positions in the automotive and cybersecurity sectors, Yevgeniy has demonstrated expertise in hardware design and cutting-edge technologies. His contributions have notably enhanced the efficiency of data recovery processes, and he continues to make strides in product security engineering and cybersecurity systems engineering.
Andrey Vasilyev avatar

Andrey Vasilyev, CFE

Andrey Vasilyev is an experienced IT professional with 12 years of expertise. He specializes in managing operations and leading projects. Starting as a software developer, he grew into roles in database administration and hardware repair. Andrey is skilled in data recovery, computer forensics, and data litigation, demonstrating a deep understanding of legal and technical aspects in data security and compliance.


Our writers were carefully screened for their quality of writing and knowledge of technology. Their portfolios demonstrate their diverse experience with tech products and companies, as well as their ability to distill complex information into easy-to-read content. Most of them have also been with us since the beginning.
Jamieson-Mane avatar

Jordan Jamieson-Mane

Content writer and Editor
Jordan is an editor for 7datarecovery.com, where he’s tasked with maintaining the content on the website to ensure it’s accessible, engaging, and exciting. Since joining the team in 2021, he has dedicated much time to crafting articles on the intricacies of data recovery and producing guides that help users, of all levels, get their data back. Read More
Emma Collins avatar

Emma Collins

Writer - Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
Emma Collins is a content writer based in Croatia. A standout for her versatility, Emma adeptly covers data recovery and data management on both Windows machines and Apple devices. She has access to an array of devices for testing the methods she writes about. Emma usually goes deep into the technology, finds interesting information and creates in-depth how-to guides and tutorials to make people's lives easier and more efficient. Read More
Joshua Solomon avatar

Joshua Solomon

Writer - Windows, Android
Joshua is a technology content writer for 7 Data Recovery. He's been in the content world long enough to understand that less is more. Joshua consistently attempts to deliver complicated technical information in concise and digestible chunks. Also featured on Cleverfiles and EngageBay. His hobbies include sports betting, listening to Drake, and re-watching the Office like a hundred times. Read More
Arjun Ruparelia avatar

Arjun Ruparelia

Writer - Windows
Arjun is a Tech ninja, codes HTML and CSS, and has received an honorary mention as the family’s go-to tech help during get-togethers. He has been writing guides for about six years and he’s currently a contributor on major Tech websites like MakeUseOf, HelpDeskGeek and 7 Data Recovery. Read More
Romana Levko avatar

Romana Levko

Writer - macOS, iOS
Romana Levko is a professional content writer with a strong interest in tech-related topics. Her main focus is on data recovery, Apple products, and cybersecurity. She spends her free time tinkering with her Mac and burning through her favorite music albums. Read More
Manuviraj Godara avatar

Manuviraj Godara

Writer - Windows, macOS
Manuviraj Godara is a professional content writer with over 4 years of experience under his belt. His ever-growing fascination and experience with technology drives him to create content related to data recovery and consumer technology. Read More
David Morelo avatar

David Morelo

Writer - Windows, macOS
David Morelo is a professional content writer in the technology niche, covering everything from consumer products to emerging technologies and their cross-industry application. Read More

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