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Losing digital photos can feel a lot like losing precious memories, especially if the images were accumulated over such a long period of time that you don’t even remember them vividly anymore. Luckily, with the right photo recovery software, you can easily recover deleted photos in their original quality, and it won’t take you more than a few minutes.
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Recover up to 500 MB for free with Disk Drill

Disk Drill (7-Data Recovery) is the best free photo recovery software

Our Disk Drill photo recovery software is capable of advanced file recovery, such as retrieving images and other digital media files from almost any digital storage device. When your disk fails, gets damaged, or becomes corrupted, you don’t want to use the first photo recovery software you come across - you want the best the solution available!

7-Data Recovery, now known as Disk Drill, is designed to be an all-around image recovery software and recognized as the best free photo recovery solution on the market.

How Digital Media Gets Lost

Everyone knows that losing files is the easy part, but getting them back can be... even easier! You can lose digital media in any number of ways, for example, by accidentally deleting your pictures, videos, or other files.

Here are some common reasons for file loss:

  • imgImage or media deleted accidentally or intentionally
  • imgMedia deleted from storage devices such as hard drives or external drives
  • imgImage or video lost due to formatted drives
  • imgMedia lost due to camera damage
  • imgPhoto or video lost due to a corrupted or broken storage device

Use a 7-Data Recovery (now Disk drill) to recover lost images

Fortunately, all deleted files are retrievable with the help of 7-Data Recovery (now Disk Drill), our well-recognized image recovery software. You simply need to download the file recovery software free of charge and install it on your computer. Scanning is easy since it takes just a few clicks, and it doesn’t take much time before you can recover deleted photos from your computer.

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Disk Drill (7-Data Recovery) can run on most modern computers because it supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. In addition to Windows, Disk Drill also runs on Mac OS X 10.8.5+, including Catalina.

Supported Image Formats

Some of the image file formats supported by Disk Drill (the upgrade to 7-Data Recovery) include:
photo recovery app for pc
Lossy Image Formats
photo recovery software for pc
Lossless Image Formats
PNG, BMP, PCX and more
photos recovery software
Raw Image Formats
photos recovery software for pc
Vector Image Formats
EPS, AI, CDR, INDD, SVG, WMF and more
photo recover software
Special Image Formats
photo recovery
3D Image Formats
R3D, BLEND, MAX, MPO, LWO, LWS, SH3D and more

Disk Drill (7-Data Recovery) can run on most modern computers because it supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. In addition to Windows, Disk Drill also runs on Mac OS X 10.8.5+, including Catalina.

Supported Storage Devices

Disk Drill (previously known as 7-Data Recovery) can recover deleted photos from many devices, including:
DSLR And PAS Cameras
DSLR And PAS Cameras
Canon®, Nikon®, Sony®, Fujifilm®, Olympus®, Panasonic®, Pentax®, Leica®, Kodak®, Polaroid® and more
Action Cameras
Action Cameras
GoPro®, DJI®, Yi®, Sony®, Olfi®, Olympus®, Insta360®, SJCAM®, Drift®, Garmin®, Nikon® and more
Memory Cards
Memory Cards
SanDisk®, Transcend®, Lexar®, PNY®, Samsung®, Kingston®, Integral® and more
Virtual Reality VR Cameras
Virtual Reality (VR) Cameras
GoPro Fusion 360®, Insta360®, Samsung Gear 360®, 360Penguin®, Lenovo Mirage 180® and more
Internal Storage Devices
Internal Storage Devices
Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) (Western Digital, Toshiba), Solid-State Drives (SSDs) (Kingston, Goodram)
External Storage Devices
External Storage Devices
USB flash drives, PC cards, SD cards, Android and iOS smartphones and more

Why use Disk Drill for Image Recovery?

7-Data Recovery has always been a well recognized name in data recovery but Disk Drill is a step above the cut. Disk Drill is known for its ease of use and powerful scanning options which allow everyday users to recover their lost and deleted files.

Disk Drill’s free photo recovery software is a useful and highly effective tool for recovering lost, corrupted, or deleted files. Just to name a few of the popular and powerful features of Disk Drill:

  • Multiple advanced scan types including Deep Scan which can find lost or deleted photos and files even when no partition is available or the disk is corrupted
  • Support for 350+ file types with Deep Scan and almost unlimited file types with Quick Scan
  • No hassle, free download which allows you to scan and recover up to 500MB of photos (files) at no charge
Getting started is as easy as using the free Disk Drill download for your Windows PC. Once you download Disk Drill you can begin to use our free file recovery software with just a few clicks and no purchase is necessary to scan and recover up to 500MB of images/photos, videos or other files.

Easy Android data recovery
  • SD Memory Cards
  • USB Drives
  • Digital Cameras
  • Devices with mass storage mode
  • Portable hard drives
  • WiFi hard drives
  • NAS devices
  • All-in-one computers

Alternative image recovery software

Disk Drill isn’t the only free photo recovery software that you can use to get back permanently deleted photos. Let’s take a look at three alternative software solutions and their pros and cons.
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1. TestDisk

TestDisk is a powerful open-source data recovery software with support for all commonly used image file formats. Its primary strength is the ability to find lost partitions and make non-booting disks bootable again.


Even though TestDisk can be used by both novices and experts, more experienced users feel significantly more comfortable with its command-line user interface, which is a far cry from Disk Drill’s modern UI and one-click photo recovery process.


  • Open-source and free
  • Supports many operating systems
  • Capable of recovering lost partitions


  • Command-line user interface
  • Doesn’t preview photos before recovery
  • Less suitable for inexperienced users

2. Recuva

Recuva is a compact data recovery solution intended to recover deleted photos quickly and painlessly. It’s geared toward regular computer users who may not understand how image recovery works or know any of the terms used by data recovery professionals.


The free version of this alternative to Disk Drill offers unlimited recovery, but its performance leaves something to be desired. While scans don’t take much time at all, the results can be a mixed bag. The sub-part performance of Recuva can be attributed to the lack of updates in recent years and the fact that the developer of this otherwise handy photo recovery software has moved on to other projects.


  • Clean user interface
  • Fast scans


  • Sub-par performance
  • Limited customer suppor
  • Stagnant development

3. R-Studio

R-Studio is a professional-grade photo recovery solution with enough features to satisfy the needs of data recovery experts who recover lost and deleted photos and other files for living. Some of its most noteworthy features include advanced RAID reconstruction, built-in HEX editor, and the ability to recover data over a local network or the internet.


As is the case with many software solutions intended for professionals, R-Studio is difficult to recommend to beginners because it lacks the intuitiveness of Disk Drill. An inexperienced user could easily get lost in the vast sea of available options and fail to recover deleted photos.


  • Powerful features
  • Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Support for remote locations


  • Requires expert knowledge to use properly
  • Uses unintuitive language
  • Expensive to unlock all features

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, Disk Drill for Mac can recover deleted photos from rooted Android smartphones and tablets. You can find instructions on how to root most Android devices online. Some manufacturers even provide official tools that make the rooting process straightforward.

When choosing a digital image recovery software for PC, considering the following:

  1. The number of formats supported by the software.
  2. The price of the software and the availability of a free version.
  3. Ease of use and digital image recovery performance and speed.
  4. The quality of customer support and the number of available customer support channels.

Here are the top 5 best photo recovery software solutions for Mac:

  1. Disk Drill - Best all around photo recovery software
  2. PhotoRec - Best open source
  3. Exif Untrasher - Best simple utility
  4. R-Studio - Best for professionals
  5. Softtote Mac Data Recovery - Best underdog
No, it’s not possible to perform photo recovery online—at least not proper photo recovery. To recover deleted photos, you need to download and install a photo recovery application and grant it access to your file system, which is something you should never do with a website. You can, however, use various online tools to restore and digitally enhance corrupted pictures.

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