SSD data recovery

Hard but Not Impossible: How to Recover Data From Your SSD

Solid-state drives have some clear benefits over traditional hard disk drives, such as improved performance and energy efficiency. As SSD technology gets better and...
Convert raw to ntfs

How to Convert RAW Partition to NTFS Without Losing Data

When you turn on your computer, the last thing you want to see is a RAW partition. When one of your partitions has become...
recover external hard drive mac

How to Recover Data from an External Hard Drive on Mac:...

Whether you’ve accidentally deleted a wrong file from the external hard drive or the data disappeared by itself because of file system corruption, drive...
hitachi hard drive recovery

How to Recover Data from Hitachi Hard Drive: a Complete Guide

According to the latest Backblaze report, most Hitachi hard drive models in the study had failure rates under 1%, and model HUH728080ALE604 had a...
recover formatted ssd

How to Recover Data from a Formatted External SSD on Windows

It’s frustrating to deal with deleted data - especially if it’s from an external SSD. An accidental format can wipe out all your precious...
hard drive data recovery

How to Recover Deleted Data from a Hard Drive: 6 Methods

Losing important files from a hard drive is something that almost all users face at one point or another. If you’ve been the victim...
fix bad sectors on external hard drive

How to Fix Bad Sectors on External Hard Drive: Windows Instruction

Bad sectors aren’t a good look on any hard drive. If some bad sectors have started to appear on your external hard drive, they...
recover data from simpletech drive

How to Recover Data from SimpleTech External Hard Drive

External hard drives are popular for bulk storage, but they are prone to data loss due to their moving parts. For example, a SimpleTech...
laptop data recovery

Laptop Data Recovery: How to Easily Restore Files from a Laptop

Accidentally deleted some important files from your laptop? Or did malware and other uncontrollable factors make your files disappear? It’s easy to assume that...
Raw data recovery

How to Recover Data from a RAW Hard Drive: 3 Methods

Has your hard drive or some other storage device suddenly become unreadable and marked as RAW? This common problem has many potential causes (bad...
Recover files from formatted hard drive

How to Recover Files from a Formatted Hard Drive: Mac and...

Formatting a hard drive provides you with a clean slate. It can be a part of the regular upkeep of your hard drive, a...
best raid data recovery software

Best RAID Data Recovery Software for Windows, Linux, and Mac

Looking for the best RAID data recovery software to retrieve lost or compromised files from your RAID array? This comprehensive guide explores various RAID...
disk structure is corrupted and unreadable

The Disk Structure is Corrupted and Unreadable: How to Fix

All hard disk drives rely on a complicated series of interconnected components, digital and physical, to read and store your data. One essential part...
repair partition

How to Repair a Damaged or Corrupted Partition on Windows

Partitions make data organization significantly easier, and most storage drives have multiple partitions. If you’re unable to access a specific partition on your drive,...
wiped hard drive recovery

How to Recover Data from a Wiped Hard Drive on Windows

Deleting a single file can be fixed by restoring it from the Recycle Bin. But, wiping an entire hard drive? That mistake can be...

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