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Data recovery, Windows, and macOS
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February, 2023

About the Author

Manuviraj is a writer for 7 Data Recovery, regularly contributing data recovery guides, and troubleshooting tips for Windows, and Mac. He loves distilling complex topics for the average user, and learning in the process. His approach to writing is conversational, bereft of jargon (unless necessary), and backed with experience and research.

Using his analytical, and deep-research skills acquired during his Literature degree, he strives to create articles that bring something new to the table, instead of regurgitating what’s already been said.

When he is not writing, Manuviraj can be found riding his motorcycle, gaming with his friends, reading fiction, or obsessing over the vibrant architecture of his city, Jaipur. Occasionally, you may find him at a coffee shop, crafting an article for his Medium page.


Manuviraj began his writing career in 2020, writing gaming content, and then gradually moving to where his true passion lay—technology journalism. Thanks to his obsession with computers, gaming, and gadgets, he already had extensive practical knowledge to back his articles. He can code in Java, and HTML.

Besides 7 Data Recovery, Manuviraj has written for major publications like TheGamer, and MakeUseOf, as well as several independent clients.

Technology and gear

Manuviraj has various devices that help him in work, and play. His primary device is a Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 (running Windows 11), which he uses to write most of his Windows-centric articles. For Mac-specific content, he uses his MacBook Air M2.

Apart from these two devices, Manuviraj also has a gaming desktop PC that he frequently upgrades, and runs hardware experiments on.


St. Xavier’s College, India. Inbound Marketing Certificate from HubSpot Academy.

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