recover deleted nef files

How to Recover Deleted NEF Photos and View It

Losing your NEF photos to SD card corruption, accidental deletion, or formatting can be a huge problem, especially if you’re a professional photographer or...
recover deleted videos on mac

5 Proven Techniques to Recover Deleted Videos on Mac

Sooner or later, everyone’s bound to delete one of precious videofiles by accident. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry—your files aren’t gone forever. You can...
how to undo delete

How to Undo a Delete Operation on Windows and Mac

Deleting files you didn’t intend to. We’ve all been there. Fortunately, Windows and macOS let you undo a delete and get back the files...
recover microsoft project file

How to Recover Lost Microsoft Project File: 5 Methods

Microsoft Project allows you to create comprehensive plans for your projects, from the allocation of resources to project monitoring. You usually save these details...
recover wordpad document

How to Recover Deleted or Unsaved WordPad Documents on Windows

Losing WordPad documents can be unsettling, especially if they contain important information. It's easy to recover WordPad documents — learn the process in this...
where do deleted files go

Where Do Deleted Files Go On Different Devices

So, you just deleted a file from your computer or smartphone. Wondering what happens next? Where does the file go? Can it be recovered?...
recover minecraft world

How to Recover Deleted Minecraft Worlds on Different Devices

Your Minecraft world resides locally on your hard drive. In the event that your hard drive is damaged from something like data corruption or...
recover onenote page

How to Recover Deleted or Lost OneNote Files on Windows and...

Microsoft OneNote is an exceedingly popular note-taking program that serves as a hub where users can create and manage research, memos, journal entries, and...
recover deleted cctv footage

How to Recover Deleted or Lost CCTV Footage

From general security to capturing your child’s first word (if you use a security camera for a baby monitor), CCTV cameras give us eyes...
recover openoffice document

How to Recover Deleted or Unsaved OpenOffice Documents

Did your computer crash while you were in the middle of working on an OpenOffice document? While this may seem like a nightmare, fret...
recover deleted word document

How to Recover Deleted/Unsaved Word Document with Ease

After hours of writing and editing, your computer decides to crash, or you accidentally delete the very same file you’ve been working on so...
best video recovery software

Best Video Recovery Software for Different Devices

Some of our favorite memories are captured on video. With the gradual decline of old technologies like videotapes and DVDs, more and more users...
recover deleted dash cam footage

How to Recover Deleted Dashcam Footage from Tesla and Other Cameras

Dashcams enable you to capture the stunning scenic beauty outside and record crucial information like vandalism and accidents. However, what happens when you accidentally...
recover deleted games on pc

How to Recover Deleted Games or Game Data on Windows PC

It can be quite frustrating to accidentally delete a game folder or your save game data. In case of the latter, you could end...
Recover Adobe Illustrator file

How to Easily Recover Lost Adobe Illustrator Files

Adobe Illustrator is favored for its ease of use when creating professional graphics, drawings, and logos. The one common complaint is that users frequently...

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