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November, 2021

About the author:

Arjun is an Tech ninja, codes HTML and CSS, and has received an honorary mention as the family’s go-to tech help during get-togethers. He has been writing guides for about six years and he’s currently a contributor on major Tech websites like MakeUseOf, HelpDeskGeek and 7 Data Recovery.

Currently, Arjun lives in India with his family. During the day, he explains to people with busy schedules how to quickly recover their data when they can't access it. After work, Arjun likes to cruise around with his Labrador Retriever and have dessert.


As a qualified CMA from the Institute of Management Accountants, USA, Arjun initially started his career in equity research. Soon, he decided to chase his passion for tech journalism. He found multiple partners in publishing behemoths like Valnet, and has since partnered with over a dozen media outlets and SaaS brands to write research-driven and product-led content.

Plus, Arjun has experience creating content for some of the top tech brands in the world, including Shopify, OpenPhone, and Mio. Arjun helped these brands dominate search rankings through data-driven, research-backed content.

Technology and gear:

Arjun is a part-time gamer and owns an Xbox One. Other devices Arjun uses regularly include a Windows computer (primary device), a Mac Mini, and three Android devices. Arjun likes to find ways to keep his Windows experience fresh. If you’re looking for tips, Arjun is happy to share some tweaks to improve your Windows experience.


Institute of Management Accountants, USA

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