dropped hard drive recovery

How to Repair an External Hard Drive After It was Dropped

Your external hard drive may seem sturdy on the outside, but even a simple drop can cause catastrophic damage to it. However, it is...
files disappeared from hard drive mac

Files Disappeared from External Hard Drive on Mac: How to Fix

Did you notice that a few or all files disappeared from your external hard drive on a Mac? Whether you’ve accidentally hidden them on...
recover clicking hard drive

How to Recover Data from a Clicking Hard Drive on Windows

While the occasional quiet click from your HDD is nothing to worry about, a loud, consistent clicking sound (sometimes called the click of death)...
recover data from internal hard drive

How to Recover Data from Internal Hard Drive on Windows

Your internal hard drive is an integral part of your computer. If it suddenly stops working, your ability to access and open the files...
recover partition on hard drive

How to Recover Lost Partition on External Hard Drive

A partition can become lost for many reasons. Corruption, user error, and malware are all common culprits. Once a partition is lost, the data...
recover data from toshiba external hard drive

How to Recover Data from Toshiba External Hard Drive on Windows

Toshiba is one of the longest-running electronics companies in Japan, offering a wide array of both industrial and consumer products. They’ve also made quite...
western digital data recovery

How to Recover Data from Western Digital Hard Drive on Windows

When shopping for a hard drive, Western Digital is a brand that’s hard to miss. It’s a trusted option for many because it’s well-known...
recover data sabrent ssd

How to Recover Data from Sabrent Rocket SSD on Windows

Since its founding in 1998, Sabrent has dedicated itself to building reliable products at a reasonable price. This includes their range of Rocket SSDs....
seagate hard drive data recovery

How to Recover Data from Seagate Hard Drive and Fix the...

Seagate has been around for long. It manufactures and sells reliable external hard drives, but some Seagate external drives are more prone to failure...
dell data recovery

How to Recover Deleted Files from Dell Laptop (Best Methods)

Dell has been an industry go-to for many when it comes to laptops since the company has an impressive product line that caters to...

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