How to Recover Deleted Videos From Your Computer

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recover deleted videos with Disk Drill

Is it Possible to Recover Permanently Deleted Video Files?

Yes. You can recover deleted video files from your Windows computer or laptop due to the method with which the operating system treats deleted files. When you delete a file, it is logically inaccessible to the operating system and applications but still physically exists on the storage media until it is overwritten. This means that the files can potentially be restored. Data recovery software can scan the storage device to reconstruct and recover deleted video files.

recover deleted videos in windows 10 by Disk DrillMany computer users make extensive use of mobile devices and digital cameras to capture important or interesting events on video. These videos are usually stored on SD cards, external storagedevices, or a computer’s main disk. There is always the potential that some old videos can be lost through accidental deletion. It only takes one wrong click and your files can seemingly be gone forever. You might even have formatted a disk or SD card only to find that it contained videos that you wanted to keep.

You can try recovering your files from a backup or your Recycle Bin. What if you have no backup of these videos and you also emptied the Recycle Bin after deleting them? In cases like this, data recovery tools provide the best chance of getting those videos back.

Try a Video Recovery Software

Disk Drill efficiently recovers deleted video files as well as many other types of lost data. Use the following procedure to restore deleted videos with this effective software tool.

Download and Install Disk Drill

Download and install Disk Drill to your computer or an external storage device. Select a device that did not contain the deleted video to avoid inadvertently overwriting it when you install the recovery program. You will need to supply an administrator’s credentials when prompted by the installation.


Launch Disk Drill and Select the Target Drive

Start Disk Drill and select the drive that contained the lost video files from the list presented in the app’s main window.


Scan for Deleted Data

Click the Search for lost data button to start scanning for deleted videos. You can let Disk Drill run all of its algorithms in the optimal order or select to run a specific type of scan. The best results will be achieved by letting the software fully scan the target drive.


Preview Recoverable Files

The names of recoverable video files will be listed in the Video folder as the scan progresses. You can pause the scan or open the folder at any point to see what has already been found. Clicking on the file allows you to preview its contents and you select files for recovery by checking the box next to their names.


Perform the Recovery

Click the Recover button after making your selections to perform the recovery. You will need to supply a safe storage location for the recovered files that is not on the same device that suffered the original data loss. Using this device risks overwriting or corrupting the files that you want to recover.


You should stop using the disk or device that contained the deleted videos as soon as you realize they are gone. This will minimize the chance of overwriting the files you want to recover.

Why You Should Care About Losing Your Videos

There is a good chance that at least some of the videos that you have taken and stored on your computer are important to you in some way. They may capture a moment that can never be repeated, such as your child’s first steps or a sibling’s wedding. While it is impossible to put a monetary value on these videos, their personal and emotional significance may be considerable. You certainly don’t want to lose them.

how to recover deleted videos with Disk Drill

Unfortunately, there are many reasons that you might need to use data recovery software to restore lost or deleted videos. Some of them are:

  • Human error – The majority of data loss events contain an element of human error that contributed to the problem. This can be as simple as emptying a Recycle Bin after accidentally deleting some files or formatting the wrong SD card. As long as humans are involved, the potential of making a mistake is always present.
  • Hardware failure – A hardware issue with the disk or the device that contained it can lead to lost videos.
  • Extreme conditions – Exposing your computer or mobile device to very hot, cold or humid conditions can result in a damaged disk and possible data loss.

You can probably think of a number of additional scenarios that will lead to your videos disappearing. The common denominator in all of these situations is that you are left scrambling to recover the files in a timely manner.

Advantages of Using Video Recovery Software

As you can see, there are a variety of ways that you can lose some of your saved videos. You often will not be able to recover these files by using a backup or by retrieving them from the Recycle Bin. Your choices are basically to take the loss or try data recovery software to resolve the issue.

restore deleted video via Disk Drill

Disk Drill offers a risk-free means for Windows users to recover deleted videos. The free download and 500MB of free recovery enable you to fully test the application before any financial investment is required. We suggest that you cannot lose by trying the software and may recover all of those videos that you thought were gone forever.

Protecting Against Video Loss on Your Computer

If you consider your videos to be important you will want to take measures to protect them. As described above, there are many ways that you can accidentally lose your videos.

Here are some tips to help guard against their permanent loss.

  • Keep multiple copies – It makes sense to have more than one copy of videos that are exceptionally important to you. Don’t keep all of your valuable memories on a single SD card or hard drive. Compared to the emotional cost of losing the videos, the price of some additional storage is negligible.
  • Backup your videos – You might not think of backing up videos that are on SD cards or that reside on a mobile device. Think again. Take advantage of cloud storage or external storage devices and back them up. Think of it as insurance for those important videos.
  • Protect your devices – Keep the devices that contain your videos and other important data away from conditions that may cause damage and data loss. Stay away from water and high temperatures. Avoid leaving computers and devices in parked cars or in direct sunlight.


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