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Alejandro Santos

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University of the Philippines
Data recovery and troubleshooting for Windows and Mac devices, software
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January, 2023

About the Author

Alejandro is a content writer for 7datarecovery.com. He's behind some of our comprehensive software review articles, but he also writes data recovery and troubleshooting guides for Windows and Mac computers and iOS and Android mobile devices.

In his spare time, he hits the gym with his family, studies software development, or works on producing music with his sister. They have four rescue cats that also like laptops but for completely different reasons (like lying down on the keyboard).

He's a big believer in using technology to become more productive, but also that we should prioritize how to utilize and develop it responsibly and transparently.


Alejandro's love for technology started in the Windows XP era when he transitioned to PC gaming from the PS1 and started upgrading his family's home computer. Later, his uncle hired him to work part-time in his computer repair shop, where he also started writing online for pay in between customers.

Although his writing career took him to unpredictable paths (he wrote scripts for YouTube videos that got over 1M views, worked on the content team of a SaaS company, etc.), he has remained a tinkerer in his spare time and has even dabbled in Unity3D and Swift for fun.

He loves that his audience-focused writing experience helps him communicate difficult technological concepts to the Average Joe, and he plans on doubling down on the tech niche by furthering his education.

Technology and Gear

Alejandro’s daily devices are his MacBook Pro M1 and his iPhone XR. He also has an old Toshiba notebook he souped up with a Kingston internal SSD and upgraded RAM sticks, which dual boots Windows 11 and Linux (Ubuntu). For gaming and heavier Windows-only tasks, he uses an ASUS laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor running Windows 10.

For his articles, he also owns a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with the latest Android OS, an iPad Pro that he borrows from his sister, a 1 TB Seagate external HDD, various USB drives and memory cards, and miscellaneous wires and adapters. He's always on the lookout for old drives and laptop parts to upgrade his gear or expand his toolbox.


University of the Philippines

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