how to recover files deleted by avast antivirus

How to Recover Files Deleted by Avast Antivirus: All the Methods

Losing your files is never a pleasant experience, especially if an antivirus program is what caused it. If you use Avast Antivirus, you’ll likely...
file system error

What is File System Error and How to Fix It on...

A file system error prevents you from performing certain actions on your computer. When one appears, it can be a real headache to get...
deleted file is not in recycle bin

How to Recover Deleted Files Not In Recycle Bin on Windows

The Recycle Bin is the first place you should look for accidentally deleted files. But what if your files are not available there? There’s...
the directory name is invalid

“The Directory Name is Invalid” Error and How To Fix It

After booting up your computer and attempting to open one of your folders, you’re met with a Windows prompt that says “the directory name...
recover ntfs partition

How to Recover Files from an NTFS Partition and Fix It

Losing important data from your Windows NTFS partition can put you in a tough spot, especially if you've lost some important documents or files....
Recover Deleted downloads files

How to Recover Deleted Downloads on Windows: 4 Methods

We download files from the internet all of the time. This can range from email attachments, pictures, music, documents, and many other types of...

How To Recover Deleted Restore Points on Windows

System Restore creates points that are the exact image of your essential system files (drivers, registry, keys, system files, installed programs, etc.) on a...
asus data recovery

How to Easily Recover Deleted Data from ASUS Laptop

Did your heart stop momentarily when you noticed a bunch of your files are missing? Don’t worry, it has probably happened to everyone at...
How does data recovery work

How Does Data Recovery Work? Learn Everything You Need to Know 

Are you wondering how does data recovery work? In this article, we provide a high-level overview of the process, explaining everything you need to...

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